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RF Skin Tightening Treatment

Radio frequency is a cosmetic treatment designed to tighten any loose or saggy areas of the face or eyes without incision or recovery time. Radio frequency is an energy source designed to heat the dermis and ultimately tighten the deep layers of the skin. 

Body Diamond Peel

This treatment provides a gentle, yet effective, mechanical peeling of the skin called microdermabrasion. It is fast and virtually pain-free. This is an ideal process which softens old scars and allows new skin to form resulting in fairer, healthier-looking skin. It can ultimately minimize the most difficult skin conditions and maintain the health of the skin. 

Back Treatment

A 60-minute skin therapy specifically formulated for the back. Recommended for men and women alike who want to clarify, smoothen, and soften the skin of the back. Our back treatment is optimized to target specific skin issues such as dull skin, clogged pores, or back acne. 

Body Scrub

Using natural ingredients, this treatment is designed to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. The use of salts, seaweed, and other natural ingredients help to make the skin feel smooth and soft. 

Foot Peel

This revolutionary foot care treatment removes dead skin layers from the sole of your feet. Peeling of the dead skin layers will occur 5 to 7 days after the treatment. In just 2 weeks, all old layers will be removed, which will then result in smooth and soft feet. 

Diamond Peel with Collagen

This 80-minute treatment uses fine cut diamond-tipped wands to remove damaged cells. This advanced procedure sands down skin irregularities and delivers customized line reduction using various wand sizes and levels of coarseness. Crow's feet, small lip lines, forehead wrinkles, and smile creases are given special attention. Areas surrounding the eyes and including the eyelids can be gently sanded for optimal results. 

Oxygen Blast Treatment

Pure oxygen in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, is used to nourish and revitalize skin cells. This unique skin treatment program uses 87 different vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and 100% pure medical oxygen gas which will be infused to the skin to moisturize and revitalize every facial skin cell. This 90-minute treatment assists in controlling acne-causing bacteria. It also provides additional strength to the collagen, which leaves the face feeling healthy and rejuvenated. 

Double Diamond Facial with Oxygen

After the diamond peel treatment, we will provide extra rejuvenation for your skin by using the ever so relaxing Diamond Mask. The mask increases hydration and protects the skin from moisture loss. The oxygen mask is then added to maximize the treatment's effects.

Gold Facial with Oxygen

This Gold Facial Treatment penetrates the skin and is believed to have revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. Powered by oxygen treatment, this treatment reduces fine lines and prevents aging. It enhances skin elasticity and is renowned for accelerating cell renewal.


3D Microblading

Try our newest service. This state-of-the-art eyebrow correction procedure addresses sparce or uneven hair on your eyebrows. The result is a natural looking, well designed eyebrow that is according to your personal preference.